CBSE Class 11 & 12 Computer Science and Informatics Practices Python Materials, Video Lecture

FAQ's related to CSBE Computer Science and Informatics Practices

Frequently asked quetions for CBSE CS and IP

If you are the student of Class 11/12 CBSE and you have taken Informatics Practices (IP) or Computer Science(CS) as your 5th Subject, you must have a lot of questions about informatics Practices/Computer Science Subject. In this post, I will try to solve your doubts regarding this subject.

You can also ask your questions regarding this subject in the comment section, I will try to resolve them. So, let us start with your doubts and their solutions.

What is Informatics Practices (Code - 065) in CBSE?

Informatics Practices is a Subject for CBSE Class XI and XII. It is based on Python Programming Language which includes Basics of Python programming, Data Analysis (NumPy, Pandas), Data Visualization (Matplotlib), MySQL Database and Cyber Security Concepts. You can check the full syllabus by clicking here.

In class XI a student can take it as 5th Subject. Though any student can take this subject irrespective of their stream in Class XI. But, it is generally given to Commerce and Humanities streams students.

What is Computer Science (Code - 083) in CBSE?

Computer Science is Subject which can be taken by a student as his/her 5th subject in Class XI and XII. This subject includes the Basics of Python Programming, File handling, Computer Network, Database Concepts and Cyber Security. You can check the full syllabus by clicking here. This Subject is generally given to Science Students.

What is the difference between Computer Science (Code - 083) and Informatics Practices (Code - 065)?

Q. What's different between subject of commerce in computer science and informatics practice?

Both subjects have Python Programming in their syllabus, but both are different. You can understand the difference in the following points:
  • Computer Science (CS) is generally for Science Students and Informatics Practices (IP) is for Commerce and Humanities Students. But it's not a rule, it is generally followed by some schools.
  • CS covers Program Development and Networking field of Computers on the other side IP mainly focuses on Numerical Data Analysis, Data Visualization and some Computer Networking concepts.
  • Computer Science has more logical questions of programming than informatics Practices. 
  • While starting in Class 11 both start with Basics of Programming Concepts and Basics of Python Programming.

Can we develop software with subject informatic practices?

Yes, you can. In fact, it is compulsory for every student to develop a project in Informatics practices Subject before final practics examination.

Jobs to do after learning informatic practice in 12th?

Q. What is the scope of informatics practices after 12th class of pcm.which job of informatics practices?
Q. Which field of bachelors should I try if I opted arts with informatics practices?

As we all know no knowledge is wasted. You can pursue your career in programming by going for BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) after completing 12th class. The criteria for BCA is minimum 50% marks in any streams (Science, Commerce, Humanities) with English as a Compulsory Subject.
After doing BCA you may choose MCA or go for a computer programming job, where you can use your skills learnt in Class 11 & 12 in Informatics Practices. 

What happens if I will fail in the 6th subject in informatics practice I have to give compartment or not?

Computer Science (CS) or informatics Practices (IP) is considered as a 5th Subject and Not 6th subject. That means it is Compulsory Subject. You have to give compartment examination if have not taken any 6th (additional subject) or if you have failed in 6th (additional subject).

Can I do software engineering if I have opted subjects like maths English informatic practice in class 11?

As per the current rule and criteria (not as per New Education Policy) for engineering, you must have PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as your compulsory subject. That means Informatics Practices or Computer Science will have no impact for appearing/ not appearing in Engineering Examination.

Can I give IP or CS exam in Hindi?

You have to choose the medium of the exam at the time of CBSE registration for the board examination. This registration generally happens in Class 11.

Informatics Practices is best or Economics is best in 11th?

Both subjects are different and have their own use. Being a Commerce or Humanities student it is better to go for Economics. Because it is useful for you in future. For Commerce and Humanities Students IP will not be used for future studies if you are not choosing BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) or any Computer related Bachelor Degree.

Shall I choose Computer Science/Information Practices in Class 11?

you must read the following things before taking CS or IP:
  • Both subjects are based on Computer Programming. If you do not have any video about programming, search for computer programming before going for these subjects.
  • Both subjects are logical subjects and need a logical mind. Only learning and mugging up will not work.
  • These are fully practical subjects. You have to do a lot of practicals on the computer.
  • Knowledge of basic mathematics is required for solving the questions related to these subjects.
  • The last and most important thing is that this is a compulsory subject, do not think of it as an additional subject. You have to Pass this Subject for passing Class 11 or 12.
Being said that if you are interested in computer programming and have a logical mind, you can get 100/100 marks in this subject.

What are the Passing marks for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science and informatics Practices?

Class 12 Computer Science and Informatics Practices is a practical subject. Where both the subjects have:
  1. 70 Marks -  Theory Paper 
  2. 30 Marks - Practical Paper
A student has to pass both the Paper separately to be declared as PASS. Following are the passing marks for both subjects:
  1. Theory - 23 Marks
  2. Practical - 9 Marks


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