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TOP 10 Topics for Computer Science Group Discussion / Debate

TOP 10 Topics for Computer Science Group Discussion / Debate

Debate and group discussion now become an important part of life for every student. Everywhere it may be at school, college campus, government jobs, company interviews the importance of GD (Group Discussion) and Debate has increased. Debate or group discussion means where a student shows his/her talent with their knowledge and skills in front of everyone.

Group Discussions develop the personality of a student. A lot of change may be seen in the student's communication skills, hesitation in front of people, expressions, and behavior. Come on, today we will talk about topics of group discussion or debate. Whether it is a class 11th or class 12th grade student or computer science engineering students all can use these topics for GD or Debate.

Group discussion/debate topics in computer science student -:

So, here are the 10 Topics which you can use in Group Discussion / Debate.
  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)
  2. Machine Learning (ML)
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI) vs machine learning (ML)
  4. Big data
  5. Data science
  6. LI-FI vs WI-FI
  7. Robotics
  8. Cloud computing vs distributed system
  9. Security and Privacy of Social Network
  10. Internet of things (IoT)
Friends, we have mentioned some new and popular topics above, you will get a lot of information about them, but now we will discuss and understand a little about these topics in this article.

(1) Artificial Intelligence (AI) -:

If are participating in a debate, then this will be the best topic for you. If you feel this whole topic is long, then you can debate about more small topics inside this topic like 
  • What is Artificial Intelligence(Ai) / Definition of AI
  • Applications of artificial intelligence
  • How many types are AI?
  • top 10 benefits or uses of AI
  • why it is a risk to a human being 

Let's discuss AI-:

Have you ever thought that in this world there will be a non-human who can behave like a human being? If not, then let me tell you about a new technology whose name is "Artificial intelligence".
Artificial intelligence means the technology that can work like the human mind and which has the power of thinking.
You must have seen Iron man Movie, there's a character named Tony stark he developed a computer program that program name "J.A.R.V.I.S. This program can think like humans when Iron Man orders him, then J.A.R.V.I.S completes his work by understanding his needs. 
If you want some live examples, you can watch a self-driving car that takes the decision and handles the car according to an AI built for it.

(2) Machine Learning -:

If you want to discuss any new technology so there is no better topic than this. Machine learning is the best and new topic for group discussion. Like artificial intelligence, we can also discuss this topic by dividing it into some smaller topics like
  • Definition and History of Machine Learning
  • Features and Labels of machine learning
  • what are the benefits of human of machine learning?
  • Types of machine learning
  • How it is useful in the future?

Basic knowledge of ML-:

Machine learning is a type of application, with which the machine is made so efficient that the machine can do it on its own based on previous work experience. It does not use any type of coding for new changes, it adopts the changes on its own.
YouTube uses machine learning to suggest videos to us.  It checks the previously watched videos and according to our previous history of watched videos, it suggests videos that we are likely to watch.
In the same way, other video streaming platforms work like Netflix, Voot, Hotstar etc.

(3) Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning -:

If you want to debate or discussion about AI and ML together, then this is also the best topic. Both of these topics are based on new technology. We have already discussed these two topics above. You can discuss the interrelation of these topics and the importance of each one.

(4) Big Data -:

Friends, who don't know about data nowadays. Almost every person has knowledge of what is data. If you want to debate with a simple sweet but trending and new topic so this is the best topic for you. You will understand this topic very quickly and easily. If you choose this topic, then under this topic you can debate about what is Big data and why it is important? , What are the types of big data? , why is big data important? and characteristic of big data.

(5) Data Science -:

If you are in the engineering field and want to do a group discussion on a topic with new technology, then this topic is one of the trending topics for you. This is a very unique topic. If you debate about a data science topic then you will get a very good knowledge of this subject. With this, you will get a benefit and you can become a good data scientist in the future, which is in great demand everywhere nowadays. To become a data scientist we have good knowledge of any programming language and a degree in computer science.

(6) LI-FI vs WI-FI -:

There may not be anyone in this world who is not using the internet and who has not heard the name of WI-FI. But LI-FI may be new for you. If you want to discuss at the school level, then this topic is the easiest for you. Everyone student must have at least some knowledge about this topic. WI-FI and LI-Fi are mostly the same technologies but WI-FI transmit data through radio waves and LI-FI is used for visible Light Rays. You will find a lot of information about it on the internet.
You can discuss this -:
  • Definition, Difference, and uses
  • Speed. bandwidth, capacity
  • which is better?
  • Advantage and disadvantage

(7) Robotics -:

Did you like this topic? new and latest topic for you. I do not need to tell you more about it!! you will understand by the name of this topic. This is a topic that is not too difficult and is the latest new technology. Nowadays many big companies are manufacturing robots. Just now a robotics company in Hong Kong has created a robot that can listen to and respond to humans its name is Sophia. It is a robot that can talk to a human. 

(8) Cloud Computing vs distributed computing -:

Everyone must have heard this. It is a very popular topic and it is also a subject in Computer Science Engineering. Both topics are under network engineering. Cloud computing uses hardware and software to deliver service over the network and Internet. The distributed system consists of a number of software components but runs as a single system.

(9) Security and Privacy of Social Network

The social network is the best friend of any person nowadays. A person gives all the private and personal data to their social network account, that he/she may not tell its closest real friend. Because of this, it is the responsibility of the Social Media Database Owner to maintain the security and privacy of Social Media. You may have a GD or Debate about the importance of Security and Privacy of data on Social Media networks. 

(10) Internet of things (IoT)

If you have not heard about the IoT, you are missing a very important topic of Computer science. IoT stands for the Internet of Things. Nowadays everything is connected by the internet, think what will happen if all the things connected by the internet start talking to each other. They will make the decision on their own without human intervention. 
For example, consider your AC will automatically be switched ON when you leave your office and make your room cool when you reach Home. Isn't it interesting? This may be done using IoT.  

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