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Cyber Safety And Security (CBSE Class 11)

cyber safety and security class 11 cbse
What is cyber safety/Internet Safety?

Today's age cannot be thought without the Internet, even in dreams. Nowadays every person is being a victim of online fraud. Mostly children are caught in this trap so the first thing we need to know is how to protect a child from online fraud? The government has started its cyber safety and security lesson for the 11th class. So that children can avoid online fraud. For this, the parents have to be aware of and follow the tips of cyber safety. Although the internet has made many things easier at the same time it has posed many security risks too, if not used properly.
Cybersafety refers to the safe and responsible use of the internet to ensure the safety and security of personal information and not posing threat to anyone else information.

Top 5 Cyber Crime Safety And Security Tips -:

Here we will discuss some cyber security and safety tips that will let us know how to prevent cyber crime? and learn more solutions to cyber crime. we mention some tips:-
  1. identity protection while using the internet
  2. many ways website track you 
  3. Confidentiality of information and strong password
  4. Avoid using public computers
  5. Carefully handles Emails

1) Identity Protection While Using The Internet -:

Identity theft is a type of fraud that involves using someone else's identity to steal money or gain other benefits.when we give out private data like filling up some forms, online payment, then they can be used for harmful reasons like hacking, stalking, and identity fraud.
A most common solution to this private browsing like incognito browsing opens up a browser that will not track your activities. If you are entering data like bank detail into the browser.

2) Many Ways Websites Track You -:

Whenever you visit a website, your web browser may reveal your location via your device's IP address. It can also provide your search and browsing history etc. Which may be used by third parties, like advertised or criminal. This way website tracks you. This generally includes -:

-IP Address -: IP address is a unique address of your device when you connect to the's likely that your computer shares your IP address with the other networked devices in your office. Your geographical location can be determined by your IP address, any website that you are accessing can determine your rough location.

-Cookies And Tracking Script -: Cookies are small pieces of information that a website can store in your browser. When you sign-in to your online banking website, a cookie remembers your login information. When you change a setting on a website, a cookie store that setting so it can persist across page loads and sessions. For example, you change the zoom percentage of your webpage then this setting will reflect on all opened pages because this was stored in cookies.

3) Confidentiality Of Information And Strong Password-: 

The Internet is a public platform. The sites you visit, the things you search on it, the posts that you put on social networking sites all visible to the public. But there must be some information like your credit history or bank details, your mail, etc. which you do not want to make public i.e. you want to keep this information confidential.
If you visited any website and fill forms like sign up, log in, personal, bank details, etc then you create a powerful password include capital letter alphabet, numeric symbols, etc. Due to a strong password,  your chances of getting hacked are less and your personal information is safe.

4) Avoid Using Public Computers -:

If you need to work on public computers then make sure following things -:
1) Don't save your login password.
2) Avoid entering sensitive information onto public computers.
3) Properly log out before you leave the computers.
4) Erase history and cookies.

5) Carefully Handles Email -:

While opening an email, make sure that you know the sender. even if you open the email message by accident, make sure not to open an attachment in an email from an unrecognized source. Also, your mail might contain a link to a legitimate-looking website, never click on any link inside an email. The link might look legit but it may take you to a fraudulent site. Even if you need to visit the linked website, type the URL of the website on your own in the address bar of a web browser but never open any link by clicking inside an email or by copying its link.


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