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Net Etiquettes (Netiquettes)


What is Net Etiquettes (Netiquettes) or Net+etiquetts?

You must be aware of the term etiquette. This means the general behavior you must follow in your daily life. There is a little difference between etiquette and net etiquette. There are some rules that you must obey when you are online and using the Web/internet. These rules are called net etiquette (Netiquettes), Internet etiquettes or Online etiquetts
  • Online etiquette or ‘netiquette’ refers to the dos and don’ts of online communication.
  • You can do Online Communication using Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. These are the most popular online mediums available online.
Now let us discuss net etiquette do's and don'ts and some rules that you should follow while you are using the internet. 

7 Net Etiquettes you should follow

  1. Be respectful.
  2. Be aware of what you are commenting on social media.
  3. Be careful with humor and sarcasm
  4. You should take care of how you are sharing your data and who can see this.
  5. Friend requests and group invites should be checked before you accept them
  6. Take time to have a read of the rules of conduct/ community standards
  7. Be forgiving do not take fight online

Bad net etiquette

  1. Posting inappropriate jokes on social media
  2. Continuously posting messages to get the attention of someone is bad net etiquette.
  3.  Using a photo of another person on your profile
  4. Not respective peoples privacy online
  5. Taking fight online

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