CBSE Class 11 & 12 Computer Science and Informatics Practices Python Materials, Video Lecture

Top 10 Projects For Computer Science/Informatics Practices (CBSE)

Top 10 Projects For Computer Science Informatics Practices (CBSE)

If you are a student of CBSE 11th or 12th class and searching for new topics for the school project, then you in the right place, Here we will give the idea of some projects so that you will not have much trouble finding the topics of the project. So let's know about some tips and topics project.

5 Easy Tips To Make A Project Planning and management  -:

Before starting any work, it is very important to plan, Without planning, work is not successful, So here we are giving some easy, simple and useful tips.
CBSE (11&12class) Projects are based on any programming language but now Python Programming Language is included in the syllabus of CS/IP for session 2020-21.
  • Your project should be from your syllabus only. The knowledge of the subject will make it easier to create the project.
  • You have to choose the topic first on which you will make a Python Program. 
  • Then with your team members (Friends) start on it and collect information about that topic.
  • Divide the work and start making the separate python program.
  • Now combine each member's work.
Now, Your Project is ready !!

Top 10 Easy Project Topics For CS/IP Students (CBSE 11th/12th) -:

1. Bank Management
2. Library Management
3. School Management
4. Student Result Generator
5. Telephone Billing
6. Train Ticket Reservation
7. Telephone Directory
8. Hotel Management
9. Any Shop Billing System (Ex:- Book Shop)
10. Restaurant Billing 

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